Template Strings to ease Reg Exp in JavaScript ES6

Template Strings to ease Reg Exp in JavaScript ES6

click here for the example from Douglas Crockford

mobile device

Mobile device for updating a website

In my previous post , I shared a video by Douglas Crockford on history of computing.

Here I’m going to share my experience of using my nexus 5 to update a website
This afternoon my freelancing client called me for a small update in his website
Basically the requirement was to add a button in the page clicking on which downloads a document . I was asked update this asap within an hour .

So I thought of doing this in my mobile .
I did as below
1) downloaded the original index.php from web hosting ftp site using ES File explorer
2) ES file explorer app has pretty good ftp client , downloaded index.php is modified to include new button html then uploaded back
3) uploaded the provided document to ftp site

All tasks are done using my nexus 5 ,
Thanks to mobile tec